Scorecarding & Strategy

Janosys Strategy Management and Scorecarding solutions are an integrated, end-to- end set of offerings that allow leaders to develop an effective strategy, align the entire organization around the strategy, and manage the results.

Jan Scorecard


Strategy Management Process

Development of a process for creating and managing strategy, core processes, major projects, goals, and key performance indicators.

Scorecard Design and Implementation

Creation of a scorecards containing metrics that accurately measure performance against strategy, including identification of data sources for each metric and performance-level thresholds. Technological implementation of scorecards, with end-user interfaces, data integration, and connectivity to other reports and analysis as required.

Scorecard Project Management

Comprehensive management of the entire end-to-end performance management project leveraging proven practices.

Scorecard and Strategy Health Check

Periodic review of existing scorecards, KPI’s and strategy management process, tools, metrics, and results to identify gaps and required changes or updates.