Guidance for Performance Management

Janosys provides over 20 years of experience designing and implementing financial planning, metrics management, business intelligence, analytics, and information management solutions.

We know how to deliver performance management solutions that provide real competitive advantages. We think strategically, determining the most effective way to utilize technology and resources for more sustainable results. We know what it takes to drive meaningful and measurable improvement to business.

Janosys consultants are seasoned professionals who know how to provide strategic direction and deep technical expertise. We’ve experienced first-hand the consistent delivery of results, enabling companies to maximize return on investment, speed up implementation, and enhance their internal intelligence.

Through our strong partnerships with IBM and Microsoft Corporation, both leaders in performance management and business intelligence solutions, Janosys provides comprehensive services and solutions to clients ranging from healthcare, retail and commercial financial lending organizations, global active apparel maker/retailers, to entertainment companies.

The solutions we develop are the direct result of viewing every project through a strategic filter. By understanding the opportunity for improvement, and the appropriate path to implementation, we can manage projects from analysis through to execution – creating the most meaningful and long-term impact for our clients.