Today, innovative companies are running faster, smarter and more effectively with Janosys services. Janosys provides companies with services and solutions for performance management that include Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting, Data Sciences, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Management Reporting. With over 20 years experience and proven success with hundreds of clients, Janosys can help your organization gain real time analysis, faster access to key data and create a more predictive and profitable business.

  • Application Evaluations

    Our evaluation services examines business priorities and IT capabilities. Janosys will assess at a high level the current challenges, needs, and infrastructure; identify at a high level where the gaps are; and propose a solution that takes into addresses people, process & technology needs… LEARN MORE

  • Methodology

    Our methodology utilize a specific set of deliverables and outputs designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and client involvement throughout every project phase… LEARN MORE

  • Implementations

    Implementing performance management solutions requires careful consideration of organizational capacity, existing process and IT infrastructure, and value (benefit) priorities.  After companies determine where they want to go and why they want to go there, the question becomes how to execute… LEARN MORE

  • Managed Services

    We understand each enterprise implementation is unique, and no one understand the individual enterprise better than those that help build it.  That is why Janosys offers managed services for all IBM Analytics, and Information Management Applications. Our managed services are tiered in order to help augment IT management. Our service tiers include… LEARN MORE

  • Training & Mentoring

    Janosys provides a variety of knowledge sharing options to help our clients.  All our instructors have practical experience in implementing IBM software and provide “real-world” examples of how businesses are using the products and how they overcome… LEARN MORE