Decisions on enterprise software applications can have a great impact on your business. Get it right and it can propel your organization to the next level. Get it wrong and the consequences of failure could be very serious. There have been instances of failed businesses, lost opportunities, and jobs as a result of software selections and implementations being improperly evaluated, selected and implemented.

Janosys application evaluation services examines business priorities and IT capabilities. Evaluation services asses the current enterprise challenges, needs, and infrastructure. Then identifies the gaps and proposes a solution road-map and project plan that addresses resources, people, process & technology needs.

Janosys can ensure that your application evaluation process is methodical and thorough. Our evaluation method helps businesses determine the functional needs that meet specific business criteria, for example:

  • Application Business Drivers

    Ensure applications align clearly with business needs. All successful businesses have leaders with strong convictions and powers of persuasion. Janosys evaluation services takes the personalities and biases out of the evaluation process, and ensures direct alignment with the business needs and the most effective solutions.

  • Functionality Priority Weight Mapping

    Functionality priorities are important in evaluating the capabilities of various applications.  Be specific. Application packages offer many features that do not directly align with primary drivers.  Janosys evaluation helps to maintain focus, by not allowing numerous unaligned features distract from solving your important issues.

  • Operations Integration

    Understand how well applications integrate with current business operations. Is it replacing manual process? Who are the primary users? Janosys evaluation provides a plan for integrating applications into business operations that ensures the applications capabilities meet operational needs.

  • Application Support

    Does the software vendor provide tiered phone support or support via email? What is the standard response-time for responding to technical issues? What are the issue escalation policies? Is there documentation and knowledge bases available? What are the support costs? Janosys evaluation determines what your application support needs are, if the vendor can meet them, and what the cost of that support will be over the lifetime of the application.

  • Scalability

    Determine if the application will remain useful as your business grows. Will pricing increase as business grows? Will you need to add users or features?  Can you utilize a starter version that scales into and enterprise version? The questions are clearly detailed in Janosys application evaluation.

  • Pricing – Total Cost of Ownership – Investment Return Criteria

    Janosys application evaluation provides total transparency in vendor pricing weighted against product capabilities, and helps to determine if the projected improvements in business out-weigh long-term costs. In addition, the evaluation clearly defines and maps the return on your investment criteria along with the total cost of ownership by carefully considering license, support, maintenance, training, and loss-of-use costs.