Integrated Reporting

Janosys Integrated Reporting solutions help create partnerships between business units, reduce the cost of operations, improve service delivery, and optimize management. Most importantly, Integrated Reporting stimulates the partnership of the business and finance and enable greater agility and improve overall performance.

Jan Int Reporting

Finance Reporting

Drive effective closing and consolidations, through integrated reporting that includes proven techniques, best practices, and enabling technology designed to increase the speed, reduce the cost, and improve the reliability of the close.

Management Reporting and Analysis

Provide the foundation of information needed to support performance management. align information and reporting with strategic and operational decision making.

Reporting Data Management

Develop and maintain a common reporting language for the organization; standardize and align data, reporting structures, performance indicators, and other critical information.

Enabling Technology

Identify and use the right technology to solve the right problems. extract maximum value from your enterprise applications.