As a Premier IBM partner, Janosys implements, configures, services, and sells the most advanced business and information management software available. Our product expertise is second to none. In addition, our position allows Janosys to extend software license discounts beyond what clients can receive directly from IBM. Request a demo or a quote.


Rapidly analyze data, model business requirements and collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts to uncover hidden business options and optimize performance.

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Cognos Controller

Deliver complete financial results, create financial and management reports, and provide an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.

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Disclosure Management

Cognos Disclosure Management enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

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Cognos10 Enterprise

Cognos Enterprise combines Business Intelligence, Cognos Insight and TM1. With Cognos Enterprise users can assemble information, share insights, and act on findings.

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Cognos Express

Cognos Express delivers reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that midsize companies need at a price they can afford.

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SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics addresses the entire analytical process, from planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment.

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SPSS Modeler

Discover relationships in structured data, mainframes, and flat files. Predict the outcome of future events and interactions with easy-to-use graphical interfaces.

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Netezza data warehouse appliance has the fastest time-to-value and lowest total-cost-of-ownership. Simple deployment, out-of-the-box optimization, no tuning and minimal maintenance.

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PureData Big Data Systems

Data volume, velocity and variety is only growing. PureData System is optimized exclusively for delivering data services. It offers built-in expertise, and integration by design.

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Informix brings cost-effective solutions that address all data management requirements from operational analytics, cloud deployment, or increasing usability.

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