Operations Performance

Janosys Operational Performance solutions are a complete set of offerings that provide our clients the foundation to execute strategies for better performance, measure and monitor results, and adjust quickly and nimbly to market changes. Janosys provides all of the capabilities needed for effective operations decision-making and performance management, including planning and modeling, reporting and analysis, and the required data infrastructure.

Jan Ops Performance


Enterprise Profitability

Provide insight into profitability by customer segment, product, channel and other dimensions to drive customer service, product features, headcount, marketing promotion, and supplier decisions, among others.

Pricing and Discounting

Set your prices based upon the value you provide and understand when and where you need to discount.

Cost Modeling and Allocation

Create accurate cost models that feed overall profitability models.

Enterprise Analytics

Develop operational dashboards, reports and analyses across business units and departments to enable better management of revenue, costs, and operational process improvements.