We understand each enterprise implementation is unique, and no one understand the individual enterprise better than those that help build it.  That is why Janosys offers managed services for all IBM Analytics, and Information Management Applications. Our managed services are tiered in order to help augment IT management. Our service tiers include phone support, virtual or remote access support, and application administration.

Janosys managed services is a fit for organizations that:

  • Experienced challenges in maintaining IBM Analytics solutions
  • Application support expectations are not being meet
  • Difficulty hiring/keeping qualified administrators
  • Need to improve the benefits of IBM Analytics solutions
  • Need to improve user adoption

Managed Services Support provides robust case management ability, reporting and document management tools. Client cases are handled centrally and monitored to ensure timely resolution. Where appropriate,  cases can be escalated to the field consultant(s) with the most knowledge of your applications.

  • Phone Support

    Janosys Managed Service support can be accessed easily through client preferred methods; via phone, email, or text. Our support desk can be reached M-F Pacific Time during normal business hours.

  • Remote Access Support

    Remote Acccess Support includes all benefits of Phone Support with the addition of remote or virtual application access to help speed trouble shooting of support inquiries.  Our virtual support experts can help augment application administration, assist in maintenance, upgrades, and more.

  • Application Administration

    Application Administration Support provides dedicated, trained, and certified admin level support on IBM Analytics, and Information Management applications. This dedicated resource is a viable option for companies needing to replace IT staff or for temporary augmentation to cover skill gaps.