Close The Books On Finance Inefficiency

Why  a planning tool, and how to pitch planning concepts to management like a pro.

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Spreadsheets have no place in forecasting, budgeting and many other core financial routines. Spreadsheets were not designed for many of the tasks they are currently used to accomplish. A spreadsheet is a great tool for creating static graphs for a report or designing and testing a reporting template. It is not and never should have been a building block for your company’s planning systems. The high level of errors in spreadsheets is the main reason why.

There is a better way.

Why You Need a Planning Tool and How to Sell the Concept to the Senior Management Team

In this paper, you will learn how to get management to understand why an investment in a planning tool is essential. The paper will cover why you need a planning tool and:

  • -Making the planning tool sale to your senior  management team
  • -Getting the green light from influential sages at your business
  • -Evaluating potential planning tools
  • -Selecting a planning tool